Heart Break

Heart Break

My heart breaks often. I feel things in my very soul, which can lead to great joy, but also great sadness. At times this feels like a gift, but more often, a burden. Sometimes I long to experience life in neutral, like so many other have a tendency to do. This is not my nature though.

I appreciate the way poet Danielle Doby writes about this. Seeing it as coming alive, expanding. Her words help me to embrace my own deep-feeling heart.

let your heart break daily

in conversations. over song lyrics.

during the pause right before the sun rises.

while you’re sipping coffee and looking into the eyes of someone you love.

for it’s when we break a little,

we come alive.

it’s in the space of feeling,

we expand.

and it’s here,

in our vulnerability and openness,

we step into our greatest selves.

-Danielle Doby

:01: Heart Warmers & Inspiration

:01: Heart Warmers & Inspiration